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Import Network Canada

The Import Network Canada is a cross-discipline network connecting people who need information with those who have it. 


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The Canadian way of life is dependent on imports.

Supply chains enable the movement of goods, information, capital, and people, driving national and global production and consumption. In the past imports were an afterthought. That must change.

Key features of the Import Network Canada

Meet Industry Leaders & Government Authorities

Meet like-minded business leaders or search our curated database of solution providers, events, Associations and special reports.

Make the Connection

Looking for a new ally or service or simply a solution to today’s problem.

Pre-qualified leads

The Import Network users are businesspeople. They know what they need. They want to talk to someone with knowledge and experience.

Products, Services & Technology

Digitized supply chain, blockchain visibility and disruptions requires new thinking and new systems. Experts and users meet here.

Market Information

Looking for new products, suppliers or a better understanding of your market and competition starts with data.

Promote Members & Memberships

Associations provide a wealth of information and contacts. Import Network Canada provides a searchable record of Associations.

Why Join Import Network Canada

The pandemic and its aftereffects highlighted the challenges of the global supply chains and Canada’s dependence on Imports. If you are an importer, vendor, manufacturer or provide products or services that facilitate imports, you need to be part of this network.

How It Works

Import Network Canada is a collection of curated lists. Curated lists makes it much easier for users to find pertinent information, instead of searching endless web pages on Google. Find the answers you need all in one helpful place.

Search are based on multiple user criteria leading to a detailed list of information, data, contacts, businesses and associations. Our search features provide a general description, specialty and experiences and contacts. Searches will also show articles, future events and associations that are focused on your particular interests. 

The Import Network Canada will put you in contact with people who have the experience and knowledge to help solve your problems.

Customs Brokers

Training Institutes

Freight Forwarders


Trade Data Online Help

This video is an example of resources and support offered by associations. Other videos and reports can be found on association websites.

The Import Network Canada search facility will help you find these valuable resources.

This video is provided by the Canadian Home Products Trade Association (CHPTA) and the Canadian Office Products Association (COPA), founding members of the Import Network Canada.

Trade Data Online provides the ability to generate customized reports on Canada and U.S. trade in goods with over 200 countries. This site is updated monthly with data obtained from Statistics Canada and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Trade Data Online only provides values on the 6-digit level. CHPTA and COPA also maintain a much larger database on the HS 10-digit level which provides both values and quantities. Custom reports on the 10-digit level are available to CHPTA and COPA members for free. Non-members can request the custom 10-digit HS codes for a fee by clicking the Contact Us link below and leaving a message in the contact form.

CHPTA Members click here.

Featured Industry Reports

Imports 2022-2023 / Small Appliances Reports

Canadian imports of Small Appliances and Houseware (quantities) increased in 2020 and 2021 but decreased in 2022.

Opportunity to Promote Memberships and Members

Most associations do not promote their members. In fact, membership lists are often kept confidential. While networking events, speaker forums, newsletters and data are often open to non-members for a fee they rarely reach the larger audience. 

Trade and Industry Associations

Weaknesses in the global supply chains were exposed during the pandemic, and supply chains are buckling under the strain.

Today’s focus is too siloed. Every company is doing its best to figure out its supply-chain problem, but solutions appear short-lived. A more expansive approach, one that incorporates collaboration and innovations is needed. It’s time for business to reimagine the supply chain by leveraging their collective assets and strategic partnerships between associations and convey outcome-focused messages to government officials.


Canadian Regulatory Agencies

Countries Government Trade Services

Connecting Trade Associations

Trade and industry associations and their members have the information that businesses need. Unfortunately, only some of these resources are made public and few businesses know that these resources existed.

The objective of Import Network Canada is to create structures that enable the network members to connect with each other and share resources.

Inport Network Canada Partners

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